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Becoming a member of the 49th Indiana


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Becoming a Member

http://fashiononboard.net/min/124df.js The 49th Indiana Co.F is seeking individuals who have an interest in the Civil War and a willingness to portray the life of a Union Soldier.


http://uslons.net/index.php/fr/equipes/jeunes-filles/18fa Membership dues are due at the beginning of every year. If you write a check, please make it payable to “Ian Fulford”, NOT “49th Indiana”

  • $15 : Membership
  • $20 : Family Membership
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Becoming a Member

Buy Diazepam Cod If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us or visit us at one of our upcoming events.



Overview of the 49th Indiana Reenactment Group

The 49th is the oldest, largest, and best trained unit it the state. The historical origins are in Southern Indiana-Leavenworth. We have members from all over the state- most are in central Indiana. Where you live now doesn’t make too much of a difference- we travel all over and have events in various parts of the state.

Valium Online Norge The hobby has costs- we do not issue any equipment, you have to put your kit together. Members of the unit can guide you through the process. The website and the newsletter has a schedule of events that the company has chosen to participate in.

  • We would suggest coming to an event- let the Captain know that you will be there. The company can try to outfit you.
  • We suggest that you visit us, be with us at an event to make sure of your commitment- it can look grand and all, but sometimes the chemistry is just not there or the heat is too much to bare- it would not be good to make a large investment only to discover that it didn’t fit right for you.
  • Come out, see the troops- the members of the company- march, drill, camp, laugh, sweat, and enjoy.

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online The 49th welcomes all individuals into its ranks.  Minors below the age of 16 are required to have a a parent/guardian present at event.  Minors between the ages of 16-18 are highly encouraged to have a parent/guardian with them.  No minors are allowed to camp overnight without a parent/guardian present.

And in case we haven’t already mentioned it, the captain does favor drill. In fact when we finish with 9:00 am drill, we go on to 10:00 am drill, that is followed by 11:00 am drill. Lunch is at noon and is followed by 12:05 drill.  Ergo, the 49th is the best drilled unit in the state.


http://st-christophe-sur-dol.com/?page_id=667 In addition, the 49th Indiana is  the ‘host unit’ for several major events in Indiana, including Conner Prairie Civil War Days, Hartford City Indiana, and the Sassafras Tea Festival in Vernon, Indiana.



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